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Swedish translation of Mastodon and glitch-soc

These are the work-in-progress Swedish locale files used for They are heavily modified from upstream Mastodon. Glitch-soc doesn't have an official Swedish translation yet.

What it is:

  • The main goal is to make Mastodon more attractive for wider adoption among Swedish language users. This informs all other choices made.
  • Both the Mastodon and glitch-soc translations are complete. Every string has been translated. Mixing Swedish with English makes the product look cheap and tacky.
  • Very much focused on internal consistency. I've seen a lot of community translations suffer from one english word being translated into several different swedish words, sometimes depending on context and other times arbitrarily. In some cases, the translator seem to have prioritised transparency, i.e. so that the user can understand from what English word the translation was made. This translation does not do that. The user doesn't care about the original language.
  • This translation also aims for more natural-sounding sentences. A lot of English-to-Swedish-translations end up being translated word-for-word. Some strings from upstream even seem to have been machine translated. This works incredibly bad when translating between English and Swedish, because the two languages do not construct sentences the same way. The translation must be evaluated as if existing in a vacuum. Nobody wants to learn how to use Mastodon in English before using it in Swedish.
  • There are still some typos lurking about. If you decide to use this translation, please report any typos you find.

What it is not:

  • This is not a professionally made translation and I am not a professional translator. Rather, it is informed from my (limited) professional experience in public writing and speaking in Swedish.
  • It is not finished. I've found that a lot of seemingly nice and natural sentences end up looking like eyesores after a while. There's always room for improvements and polish.

Maybe one day, when I'm happy with these files, I'll learn enough about Github to throw them upstream and see what sticks. Until then, I'll just keep them here.

Some choices made regarding TOOT/POST

By the way, I eradicated every trace of the words "toot" and "tut" (approx. [ty:t]) in Swedish. They were both used, even though "toot" clearly isn't Swedish. On a side note, the Swedish plural form for "tut" is… still just "tut": One tut, many tut. But in one or two locations some funny person had translated it as "tutor" instead, which is the plural form of "tuta", i.e. a car horn (refering to the actual physical object, not the sound it makes).

That's stupid, even though it does sound funny. So with this translation you'll be posting posts ("posta inlägg") instead of tooting toots. Except I kept exactly one "tut" around – the loud TUT! sometimes used for the post button. If you want to remove that as well, all you have to do is s/TUT/POSTA/.

Recommended usage

This repo uses fossil. Since glitch-soc uses git, you can just clone the repo somewhere on your disk, and then open it from Mastodons live/ directory. Something like:

# As the mastodon user on your server:
$ cd ~/fossils
$ fossil clone glitch-soc_sv.fossil
$ cd /var/mastodon/live
$ fossil open ~/fossils/glitch-soc_sv.fossil

Or download a tarball from the downloads page.

Using with vanilla Mastodon

All glitch-soc files are located in live/config/locales-glitch/ and live/app/javascript/flavours/, so just remove those directories if you don't want to litter your tree with unused stuff.