Loris  Loris

Loris is a simple framework of R7RS libraries I use for building programs. It is also the name of one of my cats.

The main goal of Loris is ease-of-use for myself, for the rare occasions when I need to create some command line project. There is no separate documentation, so I'll just read the code when I forget what's in there. New features are mostly added when I happen to create something generally useful in some other project and decide to "backport" it into Loris.

It will most probably need a few adaptations to work in other Schemes than Chicken. Feel free to send patches!

It has some features which might make it useful to others than myself:

  • Support for setting configuration variables from the environment and from ini-files.
  • Cross-platform knowledge of typical locations (and file endings) for configuration files.
  • A cross-platform dot-locking library.
  • Assorted convenience macros, procedures and library wrappers.

There is some more stuff coming, like a disk-based cache library and an http-client using said cache lib.

The current version of Loris being developed is 2.0.0, where quite a lot of code is rewritten. Until the 2.0.0 version is tagged, trunk will sometimes break. Loris uses semantic versioning.

Development happens directly on trunk. You are recommended to checkout the latest tagged version rather than the latest trunk leaf. New versions are tagged only at times when the code should be reasonably stable.